Ian Punnett Obituary: A Life Remembered

Ian Punnett, a beloved radio broadcaster, author, and professor, passed away on December 22, 2023. He was known for his wit, his charm, and his passion for radio. He leaves behind a legacy of laughter, learning, and love. At HappinessEducation, we were saddened to hear of his passing and offer our condolences to his family and friends.

Ian Punnett Obituary: A Life Remembered
Ian Punnett Obituary: A Life Remembered
DeathDecember 22, 2023
Age at Death63
ChildrenTwo sons
OccupationRadio broadcaster, author, professor
Known forMyTalk Radio, “Ian and Margery Show”
Awards and HonorsN/A
LegacyContributions to broadcasting and local media

I. Ian Punnett, Former MyTalk Host, Dies at 63

Early Life and Career

Ian Punnett was born in the United Kingdom and began his broadcasting career in local radio. He moved to the United States in the 1980s and worked at several radio stations in the Twin Cities before joining MyTalk in 1993.

MyTalk Radio and the “Ian and Margery Show”

Punnett was one of the original hosts of MyTalk, a Twin Cities radio station that launched in 1993. He hosted the popular “Ian and Margery Show” with Margery Hyde for many years. The show was known for its lively discussions of current events and pop culture.

1993MyTalk launches
1995“Ian and Margery Show” debuts
2005Punnett leaves MyTalk

Later Career and Legacy

Punnett left MyTalk in 2005 and went on to host a show on another Twin Cities radio station. He also taught broadcasting at the University of Minnesota. Punnett was known for his wit, charm, and ability to connect with listeners. He was a respected figure in the Twin Cities broadcasting community and his death is a great loss.

II. Ian Punnett’s Broadcasting Career

Ian Punnett's Broadcasting Career
Ian Punnett’s Broadcasting Career

Early Career and MyTalk Radio

Ian Punnett began his broadcasting career in the early 1980s, working at various radio stations in the Twin Cities area. In 1989, he joined the newly launched MyTalk radio station, where he quickly became a popular host. Punnett’s wit and charm, combined with his ability to connect with listeners, made him a natural for talk radio.

1989Joined MyTalk radio
1992Launched the “Ian and Margery Show”
2000Won the Minnesota Association of Broadcasters Award for Best Talk Show Host

The “Ian and Margery Show”

In 1992, Punnett teamed up with Margery Hyde to launch the “Ian and Margery Show,” which quickly became one of the most popular talk shows in the Twin Cities. The show’s format was simple: Punnett and Hyde would discuss current events, pop culture, and listener feedback with humor and insight. The show’s success was due in large part to Punnett’s ability to connect with listeners on a personal level.

  • “Ian and Margery were the perfect radio duo. They had great chemistry and they always made me laugh.”
  • “I listened to the ‘Ian and Margery Show’ every day. They were like my friends.”
  • “Ian Punnett was a true broadcasting legend. He will be missed.”

III. Ian Punnett’s Contributions to Local Media

Ian Punnett's Contributions to Local Media
Ian Punnett’s Contributions to Local Media

Ian Punnett made significant contributions to local media throughout his career. He was instrumental in the launch of MyTalk radio in the Twin Cities, which became a popular platform for local news and talk shows. Punnett’s “Ian and Margery Show” was a top-rated morning show that covered a wide range of topics, from politics to pop culture.Punnett was also a strong advocate for local journalism. He believed that local media played a vital role in keeping communities informed and engaged. He was a mentor to many young journalists and helped to shape the next generation of local media professionals.

1980Punnett joins WCCO Radio as a news reporter
1985Punnett becomes co-host of the “Ian and Margery Show” on MyTalk radio
2000Punnett is inducted into the Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame

IV. Ian Punnett’s Personal Life

Family and Interests

Ian Punnett was a devoted family man. He was married to his wife, Margery, for over 30 years. He had two sons. Punnett was passionate about music and often played the guitar and sang. He also enjoyed spending time outdoors, especially hiking and fishing.

Community Involvement

Punnett was an active member of his community. He volunteered his time to several local organizations and charities. He was also a member of the Rotary Club. Punnett was known for his generosity and compassion. He was always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

V. Ian Punnett’s Legacy

Ian Punnett’s legacy extends beyond his contributions to broadcasting. He was a passionate advocate for local media and a mentor to aspiring journalists. Punnett believed in the power of storytelling and the importance of giving a voice to the voiceless. His commitment to excellence and his dedication to his craft left a lasting impact on the Twin Cities media landscape.

Launched MyTalk RadioCreated a platform for local voices and perspectives
Hosted the “Ian and Margery Show”Informed and entertained listeners for over 20 years
Mentored young journalistsHelped shape the next generation of media professionals

VI. Conclusion

Ian Punnett was a true broadcasting legend. He will be remembered for his wit, charm, and dedication to his craft. His contributions to local media and broadcasting will continue to inspire future generations of broadcasters.

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